Currently, my research focus on developing Finite Element based DIC algorithm.

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a method for measuring the displacements & strains on the surface of the materials. 

The essential idea of DIC is to capture the series of images of the surface during the loading and then process the consecutive images for displacement and strain using correlation algorithms. 

DIC Process1.png

These algorithms are of two types: local and global algorithms. Most of the commercially available DIC systems come with local algorithms.

I am working on the development of a global algorithm which integrates Finite Element principles into the Image Correlation algorithm. This algorithm is know as Finite Element based DIC Algorithm. [Link]

My main task is to design and implement this algorithm (in C++ programming language) and validate it using numerically simulated images & real experiment images.

For performing experiments, we developed an in-house DIC system. The DIC experiment procedure is presented in the video below. 

Overall, I am developing a complete DIC system (Software + Hardware), which is based on the Finite Element Method.